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Off to the Stubaital for the Yoga Week for Mental Health & Wellbeing in the MOUNTAINS!

Are you a novice walker? Are there uncertainties you want to work on in the mountains? Do you want to master your fear of heights, sure-footedness, getting tired, or being afraid of ‘getting stuck’? Does this sound like a challenge that suits you? Then join us on a Yoga & Hike trip to the Stubai Valley.

This trip has a wonderful ‘home base’ the Neue Regensburgerhütte. We hike & do yoga daily, but also work intensively with your knowledge and skills to make your walking experience even more beautiful. We start in the valley of Neustift up to the Neue Regensburgerhütte. This is our base for this week. A completely new room is available for yoga & meditation. We enjoy different types of yoga, but especially restoration & yin yoga to maintain the balance between effort and relaxation.

  • every night at the Neue Regensburgerhütte with a wonderful new yoga room!
  • theme of the week “Mental Health”
  • knowledge and skills with Dr. Kristina Stutz
  • quiet area, the mountain cabins have only just opened!
  • for novice and slightly advanced mountain hikers
  • daily yoga, meditation, breathwork
  • cold water dip! Shock your senses!
  • you can bring your yoga mat!

This tour starts on June 21 and we descend again in the morning of June 25, 2023. The language of instruction is English & Dutch.


This week’s theme ‘Mental Health & Wellbeing’, we tackle themes such as fears or insecurities that we often have in the mountains such as: fear of heights, fear of falling, the fear of not being able to continue in a difficult transition, uncertainty and fatigue that prevail take if you’ve been on the road for a while. These fears are very normal, everyone has them. We aim to transform them into your new strengths!

The best athletes still experience these fears because they, too, keep coming to the end of their comfort zone. They have found ways to transform the fear faster and to deal with it well. Something a person who is not in the mountains daily is probably not very good at. And, then comes the moment when you simply ‘don’t go anymore’, ‘it doesn’t suit me’, ‘I just have that fear’. But we do not agree with that, we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to overcome fears. You will not suddenly become a top athlete, but you will be able to expand your comfort zone step by step and be able to take those walks in the mountains with confidence again and again. An important aspect of learning to deal with the fear is actually being present in the mountains where you can have new experiences, but in a safe and easy place.

That’s why we’re organizing this week at the Neue Regensburgerhütte, we’ll hike up with a short walk and stay above that week. During this week, Kirstina, mountain hiking guide, sports psychologist & mental coach (English & German speaking) will join us, she will teach you how to strengthen your qualities and handle insecurities whilst hiking. The second person who comes along, our own Dutch mountain hiking guide, holistic coach & yoga teacher, who takes you every day in a wonderful relaxing yoga session and meditation exercises. It is important this week that the tension and relaxation are in balance, we will take care of that.

We are going to use different activities this week to work on your mental health

  • yin & restorative yoga sessions to relax,
  • enjoy free time in the early summer at the hut,
  • put acute stress to good use by practicing an ice bath,
  • breathing exercises that teach you to relax,
  • daily short walks,
  • investigate together with Kris where you can improve your mental wellbeing,
  • there is sufficient room for personal attention

Are you ready to face your insecurities? Walk with us this week!

Do you have questions about the level, expectations, activities? Or do you have special questions or wishes, or have you used methods to overcome your fears before? Let us know and we will discuss whether this week suits you.

Travel details


– 5x overnight stays (double room), 21 to 25 June 2023
– 5x HP (breakfast & evening) + packed lunch
– 5 days of guidance from NL mountain hiking guide & yoga teacher
– 5 days of guidance by Sports and mental coach specialized in fears
– 2x daily yoga (by YT 500+ hour teacher)
– daily meditation & breathwork, cold water dip!
– organizational costs

Not included

– travel to and from starting point
– lunches and drinks
– personal expenses
– insurances
– if applicable parking costs
– tourist tax



During this hike you will spend the night in a mountain hut in multi-person rooms or on the lower level. Toilets and sanitary facilities are usually located on the same floor. Often the cabins also have showers; for this you can buy shower tokens at the Hüttenwirt, with which you can shower for a few minutes.

Debit or credit card payments are generally not possible at mountain huts. So make sure you have enough cash with you. Count on approx. € 25 per day for drinks, shower tokens and possibly a packed lunch.

What accommodation options are available at mountain huts

You will hardly ever find single and double rooms in mountain huts. You usually have the choice of the mattress bearing, also called the “lager”, and multi-bed rooms. The lager are mostly sleeping quarters for 8-10 or even 10-20 people. These spaces are often divided into smaller compartments with partitions. The lager consists of a row of mattresses, sometimes also in a bunk bed version, so you lie next to each other. Blankets and pillows are provided. From a hygiene point of view, the use of a sleeping bag liner is mandatory. In addition, you can bring your own pillowcase or use a cardigan or towel as pillowcase.

Multiple rooms are smaller sleeping quarters for usually 4, 6 or 8 people. In this case, everyone has their own bed. These can also be equipped with bunk beds. Here too, the use of a sleeping bag liner is mandatory.

There is enough space for your personal belongings, clothing and your backpack, both on the lower level and in the multi-person rooms. You can put your mountain boots in a special room, the Schuhraum or Trockenraum. The sleeping quarters may only be entered with cabin slippers.

If possible, we always reserve multiple rooms. However, the Hüttenwirt always has “the last word”. As a result, it can happen that we eventually end up on the lager.

Overnight in hotels

Some hut tours also include one or more hotels in the route. In such cases you sleep in a double room. If you book alone, you will in principle be accommodated with a companion. This can be either a man or a woman. Of course we try to place as many people of the same sex together as possible. Single rooms are not included in the travel sum. If desired and if possible, we can book a single room for you for an additional cost. If you want this, please indicate this when booking.

Showers and sanitary facilities

Although most mountain huts nowadays have 1 or a few showers, you have to take into account water scarcity in the summer, which means that the options for showering can be limited or even impossible. In the very high huts there can sometimes even be freezing. Washing facilities with usually cold and also warm running water are available in all cabins. These facilities and the toilets are usually located on the same floor as the sleeping quarters.


Travel insurance

Good travel insurance is mandatory during our trips. Nowadays many people have a comprehensive travel insurance policy, but we know from experience that not all travel insurance policies cover the mountaineering risk and possible mountain rescue costs. So check your policy conditions carefully in advance.

You can take out travel insurance with the Europeesche via TOE. De Europeesche has been voted best travel insurer for several years in a row. Their travel insurance covers almost all sports and mountain rescue costs are also insured as standard.

Cancellation insurance

In addition to travel insurance, we also recommend taking out cancellation insurance.

In some circumstances you want to be able to cancel or cut short your holiday. The Cancellation cover then reimburses the costs of cancellation or termination. You are insured for cancellation costs in the event of, for example, the death, serious illness or serious injury of a partner or family due to an accident. Or due to pregnancy, an unexpected new home or if you suddenly become unemployed. If you are forced to cancel a trip, the unused travel days will also be reimbursed!

Do you opt for Allrisk Cancellation and is the reason for cancellation not covered by default? Then this insurance reimburses 75% of the cancellation costs or the cancellation fee. This applies to reasons that are important to you personally. The reason for cancellation must be unforeseen and through no fault of yours. You are not entitled to compensation if you want to cancel or break off the trip, for example because you no longer feel like it or because the weather conditions are not good.

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